Join us to enter into the new Springtime of Dry Cleaning:

To say that a Renzacci dry cleaning machine “is good for our health and is good for our wallet”, certainly is not just a nice slogan, but a reality of fact motivated by many very important issues:

  • Ranges of dry cleaning machines PROGRESS operating with Perchlorethylene, from 6 to 160 kg (13 to 355 lb.)load capacity with new and exclusive systems linked with ECO INNOVATION, to knock down to the minimum the consumption of solvent, water, energy and time guaranteeing at the same time the highest quality of the results, user’s friendliness and insignificant maintenance.
  • Ranges of dry cleaning machines EXCELLENCE operating with alternative and natural solvents, available with a rich choice from 11 to 90 kg (25 to 198 lb.) load capacity, which open the era of the NATURAL CLEANING, where the traditional concept of dry cleaning is definitely replaced by the new bio dry cleaning machine and by the NEW ERA OF THE BIOCLEANER’S.

Within this very wide range many are the solvents used, to start with the new hydrocarbon-based solvents, both isoparaffinic and siliconic, to continue with SOLVON K4®️, GREEN EARTH®️, DRYSOLV®️, RYNEX®️, GENEX®️ ETC. …

International Prizes and Awards

THE THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS OPERATING EVERY DAY OUR MACHINES IN 120 COUNTRIES ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE FOR EVER BEEN THE GREATEST SATISFACTION OF OUR COMPANY, and many are the times, when nationally and internationally Renzacci has received important and dreamt-of prizes and awards in the industrial sector and that of the economical/manufacturing activities. We remind, just as an example, the important awards received, such as the QUALITY PRIZE ITALY, the GOLD MERCURY, the particular mention in AWARD for the GOLD MEDAL OF THE ENGINEERING EXHIBITION AT BRNO and the innumerable certifications recognizing us as the leading manufacturer in research and application of the policies linked with TOTAL QUALITY OF THE INDUSTRIAL COMPANIES (COMPANY WIDE QUALITY CONTROL)..

The strictest approvals and certifications worldwide

The quality of the dry cleaning machines and the new technologies of Renzacci’s is continuously certified for its numerous advantages by the rigorous tests carried out in collaboration with the major institutes operating at international level, and it is worthwhile emphasizing in this context that the Renzacci dry cleaning division boasts the highest number of approvals existing all over the world today, amongst which we would like to quote just some of the more significant examples:

  • CE (Europe)
  • NF (France)
  • CSA (Canada)
  • ETL (U.S.A.)
  • MEA (New York City)
  • Workcover Authority (Australia)
  • TÜV (Germany)
  • Ceske Inspecke (Czech Republic)
  • GOST (Russia)
  • HU Compliance (Hungary)