Progress perc dry cleaning machines


  • Innovative computer touch screen “I-BRAIN”
  • Drum with the new “FLOWTECH” system to quickly extract the solvent for ultra-saving of energy and reduction of cycle times
  • Oversized loading door, extra-large
  • Innovative strengthened drying system, with thermo-delicate action “DRYCARE” with exclusive air re-circulation system with dynamic flow
  • New “JET ENERGY DRIVE” still made of stainless steel with original thermic solvent recovery system and reduced energy consumption
  • Totally enclosed system with highly efficient heat pump
  • Ecological filtration system with double satellite converging rotation of the second generation with new “NO FLEX SYSTEM” ┬« mini-micron filter discs
  • Three automatic self-cleaning tanks
  • Button trap and air filter with special ECOVISION look-through covers for ecological inspection
  • Fully made of stainless steel: drum, still, recovery, button trap, filters, separator
  • Pre-set for connection with Multisorb┬« syste
  • And much more ……

Progress perc dry cleaning machines

The PROGRESS range incorporates an important part of the professionalism of those operating in the field of the treatment of textile goods

Perchlorethylene dry cleaning machines Progress Xtreme

Progress 20 Xtreme
Capacity 8/10 kg
Measures 1610x1340x1950

Progress 30 Xtreme
Capacity 11/12 kg
Measures 1610x1340x1950

Progress 35 Xtreme
Capacity 15/17 kg
Measures 1795x1480x2025

Progress 45 Xtreme
Capacity 18/20 kg
Measures 1795x1480x2025

Progress 55 Xtreme
Capacity 20/22 kg
Measures 2000x1550x2150

Progress 65 Xtreme
Capacity 25/27 kg
Measures 2250x1630x2270

Progress 80 Xtreme
Capacity 33/35 kg
Measures 2250x1630x2270