Washer Extractor

Washer Extractor


Renzacci today espouses all applications in the washing with water, with a range distinguishing itself not only by technological innovation and rich choice of the models offered, but also by their exclusivity and uniqueness to solve the most important problems linked with energy saving, recovery of the natural resources and eco-sustainability.

High spin or with optimized extraction? We are the reply

It is in fact like that: whatever your requirement, there is a Renzacci range waiting for you:

  • HS High Spin SERIES: This is the range with soft mounted drum offering models from 9 to 90 kg (20 to 198 lb.) load capacity, the only one equipped with the 5th generation “SENSOR RAIL®” system giving still more stability and allowing saving of energy and time to carry out the whole cycle.
  •  LX E-Speed and SX E-Speed SERIES with optimized extraction  Two series of machines with hard mounted drum offering models from 11 to 70 kg (25 to 155 lb.)load capacity achieving high extract speeds which, united with the large diameter of the drum, ensure a G-factor amongst the most performing in its category.

Hard Mounted Extra Speed Washer Extractor


  • New design featuring a housing of strengthened solidity and reinforced structure, with large employment of stainless steel, ideal for the intensive use also by the large communites, textile and knitwear industries
  • Advanced construction concept featuring “Insignificant Maintenance”, outer drum of stainless steel and new system with the shaft, the support and the bearing oversized and utmost long-lasting
  • Extra-large loading door of stainless steel and inner drum of stainless steel with oversized diameter and optimized fins for the treatment of the most delicate garments and for efficient sampling jobs and/or fulling of the garments
  • Electronic inverter
  • ““ECOMIX”, the exclusive system to programme the water temperature, for greating saving of energy and time
  • “AQUATRON” computer : Renzacci exclusively presents the new “OTC” (One Touch Clean) technology, easy and accessible thanks to the innovative touch-screen system with graphic LCD display:
  •  Possibility to quickly and intuitively create with one touch only almost infinite combinations of times, pauses and rotation senses of the drum for the treatment of the most delicate garments
  • Control of the temperatures with personalizable bath levels according to the garments to be washed.
  • Continuous control “Multicheck system” with guidance and self-diagnosis system.
  • The “Dual Override” manual or automatic operation with a practically infinite number of fully re-programmable programmes make it the ideal device also to carry out the most modern WET CLEANING techniques

Hard Mounted Extra Speed Washer Extractors

LX 16 E-Speed
Capacity 16 kg
5 Measures 950x912x1275

LX 22 E-Speed
Capacity 22 kg
5 Measures 950x992x1275

LX 35 E-Speed
Capacity 35 kg
Measures 1150x1250x1530

LX 55 E-Speed
Capacity 55 kg
Measures 1520x1300x1600

LX 70 E-Speed
Capacity 70 kg
Measures 1520x1500x1600

Soft Mounted Extra Speed Washer Extractors


  • New “COIN-OP” models with “WATER-PAY” combined payment systems with differentiated rate
  • Futuristic design of the housing with “OPPOSED ONDULATION”, the most innovative production techniques for maximum silentness, stability and sturdiness of the machines
  • Drum with “ACQUAWAVE” system for an optimal cleaning action, personalized based on the garment washed
  • Extra-large loading door made of stainless steel with “GLOBAL VISION” loading techniques
  • Electronic inverter
  • Advanced design technique featuring the inclined “SENSOR RAIL” system and the anti-vibrations system with active “MULTIGRADE” suspensions

Soft Mounted Extra Speed Washer Extractors

HS 9
Capacity 9 kg
Measures 745x730x1065

HS 11
Capacity 11 kg
Measures 790x730x1165

HS 13
Capacity 13 kg
Measures 790x810x1165

HS 16
Capacity 16 kg
Measures 950x970x1667

HS 18
Capacity 18 kg
Measures 952x970x1360

HS 22
Capacity 22 kg
Measures 950x1025x1360

HS 24
Capacity 24 kg
Measures 952x1025x1360

HS 28
Capacity 28 kg
Measures 952x1235x1360

HS 35
Capacity 35 kg
Measures 1230x1320x1575

HS 55
Capacity 55 kg
Measures 1450x1400x1750

HS 90
Capacity 90 kg
Measures 1600x1645x1940

Washing Machines with a dryer on Top

Drytower 2509
Capacity of Machine 9 kg
Capacity of Dryer 10 Kg

Drytower 2511
Capacity of Machine 11 kg
Capacity of Dryer 10 Kg

Drytower 2513
Capacity of Machine 13 kg
Capacity of Dryer 10 Kg